Cilla & Selma - Two-Headed Sea Serpent Mermaid

Item Description

Selma and Cilla get rather vexed at being called "monster", often pointing out that they are far too beautiful for such an epithet.  Yet one cannot help thinking they do not help themselves, luring as many sailors to their dining table as they do (and those mariners, need I mention, are not there as guests...)

Once upon a time, they were Peri & Pearl Serpentine from the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef, but all traces were removed - down to the roots of their hair.
New faces were created with a mix of watercolour pencils, pastels and acrylic paint, all finished with fine layers of matte sealant and a judicious touch of gloss.
Teeswater lamb locks the colour of storm-tossed waves form their magnificent mane, and they are bedecked in hand-beading.

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