Dittany Fae - Renaissance Angel

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Dittany Fae is a fairy with a history - hardly surprising, given the fae's immortality.  Several hundred years ago, before she changed her name and fled to the Somerset countryside, she was quite the favourite in the faerie courts of Renaissance Italy and was given leave to visit the human court as well.  There she cast her glamour upon a young daughter of the Pope, and taught Lucrezia all she needed to know about the power of herbs to persuade...and punish.

17 1/2" (44.5cm) from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she is a painted cloth doll with articulated shoulders and hips (the latter allowing her to sit easily), and wired arms which can be posed as you like.  Her wings are made of resin-dipped silver wire, her hair of Teesdale wool.                                    She wears mulberry pink silk bloomers beneath a gold and sage green lace dress, with overskirt and sleeves of slate blue silk satin devore.  Quite edible!

Like all Bizarrium dolls, Dittany is intended for display upon your shelves or wall - she is not a plaything for small children, who may harm themselves upon her wires or beads.

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