A Cryptid for our Time



Much food for thought in "The Land of the Green Man" by Carolyne Larrington.


Zombies as the monster of choice for the status-driven '90s/early 2000s:

profound social fears generated by overcrowding & many other pressures of modern urban environments...The living dead are transformed as parodic consumers, armies that lurch through shopping malls in search of a nourishment which does not nourish.

Now we see the rise of the mermaid.

In sea-cold Lyonesse,/ when the Sabbath eve shafts down / on the roofs, walls and belfries / of the foundered town, / the Nereids pluck their lyres... / and the ocean water stirs / in salt-worn casement and porch.*

Mermaids inhabiting drowned cities, memories of past floods, warn of the irresistable power of rising water levels.  Legends reaching across the milennia to speak to our climate crisis.

*"Sunken Lyonesse" by Walter de la Mare




Beautiful thought, Missing Art

those ending lines on that articles were very touching, people are searching for relaxation and nourishment of the mind through shopping and so on, which doesn't really nourished, but art is something that can really nourished us when we are tired, the future is solar panel , thank you for sharing such beautiful thought and art with us

I have read the book named

I have read the book named The Land of the Green Man: A Journey Through the Supernatural Landscapes of the British Isles by Carolyne Larrington after seeing the post here. driver is unavailable printer And I am so curious to know whether there is actually a land like this or not.

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