The Mad Hatter

Item Description

The Hatter from Alice in Wonderland sits cross-legged, awaiting his cup of tea.

As a result of working with mercury nitrate (crucial in the nineteenth century hat-making industry), our poor friend has developed a green tinge to his skin, pink eyes, and a limp that requires him to use a walking cane.
Nonetheless, he is a handsome chap, clad in linen breeches, a silk shirt, and embroidered satin waistcoat. Just a little mercury is seeping out of his hat and onto his face...

Handstitched from vintage fabrics, trimmed with glass beads and metallic threads, he is a unique character who will bring dreamy good looks to your doll collection.

He sits 11" (28cm) tall and carries a cane of corkscrew hazel.

in: Art Doll
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